World Commodities Organization, an international business unit of WII [since 2006] involved with various sectors of the agriculture, mineral and rare Earth resources for sale direct from the facilities. WII other business units and d/b/a, operate either in the Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer markets.

World Commodities Organization of WII represents corporations in the the above areas and other industries. The parent operation of World Commodities Organization and team is involved with a master plan development including construction of a petroleum processing facility. Team members of World Commodities Organizations’ sister operations, World Energies are multi-industry experienced including Process Operations in one of the first re-refinery facilities in North America. The re-refinery cleaned and separated “aggregate waste oils” and produced finished products” for re-sales into the market. For World Energies members, the understanding of “being responsibly green” are simply seasoned methodologies and are an integral fabric of our business and engineering strategies.

We are Authorized Global Strategic Alliance & Representatives of two US Service Disabled Owned Small Business operations certified in the petroleum and construction business sectors.

World Commodities Organization must connect with the Manufacturer / Supplier in possession of goods offered, and comply with Incoterms 2010 Delivery Rules, UCP600 Banking Rules, URC522 Collection Rules as fundamental procedures of World Commodities Organization Partner Exchange principal buyers.

Contact us for a request for products or to become a supply/manufacturing source and submit and application to World Commodities Organization Partner Exchange Program.